TimeChunks - a time tracking desktop app

Lightning fast time tracking for freelancers

TimeChunks is yet another time tracking app, but better. Working hours can be recorded within just a few seconds by using your keyboard, and can be prepared for billing just as quickly. TimeChunks doesn't need a timer and no annoying HH:MM:SS input fields.

TimeChunks for macOS and Windows is available for only 2,99 € in the following App Stores. Supported languages include English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

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TimeChunks - time tracking for freelancers

TL;DR: TimeChunks at a glance


About TimeChunks - time tracking

Input TimeChunks instead of HH:MM:SS

A TimeChunk is the smallest unit that you usually charge, this can be e.g. a full hour, a quarter of an hour or just a minute or something completely different. You can define this flexibly in the settings.

The big advantage: TimeChunks doesn't need (and has) a timer and no annoying HH:MM:SS input fields. For example, if you bill per quarter hour and want to bill 45 minutes, you just type “4” instead of “00:45:00”, i.e. one TimeChunk would be 15 minutes or 900 seconds in this case.

TimeChunks - time tracking for freelancers  - Settings

Creating tasks with paths

TimeChunks does not have an integrated task management in a real sense. If you want to record time for a task, you simply type a path that fits your requirements. A path is nothing more than a loose and flexible hierarchy of your projects and tasks. Work with information and structures that fit you and your work - not the other way around.

So, instead of creating a customer, a project, a task and 7 subtasks before you could record a single minute of work time, you simply type a path with TimeChunks at the end

> Little Lemonade Stand Inc./Making Lemonade/Prepare Fruit/4

If you have set a duration of 15 minutes for a TimeChunk, you would record 1 h of effort for the task.

If you continue to work on the project and want to record time for it, you simply type a path again - this time even faster thanks to autocompletion:

> Little Lemonade Stand Inc./Making Lemonade/Crushing Ice/2

So within a few moments you have recorded your working time and can easily prepare it for billing when the time comes.

TimeChunks - time tracking for freelancers  - Filter

Integration with other tools

No matter which other tools you work with in your projects: TimeChunks integrates seamlessly almost everywhere thanks to flexible filters and simple copy & paste.

The export for our example would look like this:

1.2.2022 - 28.2.2022

15.2.2022: 00:30 h @ Little Lemonade Stand Inc. / Making Lemonade / Crush Ice
15.2.2022: 01:00 h @ Little Lemonade Stand Inc. / Making Lemonade / Prepare Fruit

Editing entries

Individual entries can be edited in the detail view. Entries can also be moved by editing the path.

Of course, it is also possible to add further information to individual entries in the form of a description. You can also add billing information (e.g. po numbers, supplier numbers, etc.) and define if you want to display the information in the billing export or if you only want to use it for your internal purposes.

Description and billing information can also be formatted with Markdown:

URLs are automatically converted to links. With [http://www.danielulrich.com](website) links can be added manually.

TimeChunks - time tracking for freelancers  - Details

Keyboard shortcuts

TimeChunks can be used entirely with the keyboard, several keyboard shortcuts make time tracking even easier.

Quick start of TimeChunks

Press CTRL + 7 to open TimeChunks without a single click.

Navigation within TimeChunks

Press tab ← to move around within a view. Use Space to focus items or to follow links. To navigate within the app use CTRL + H to add new items, CTRL + L for a list of all items and CTRL + P for the settings.

Close, cancel or save

With ESC you close open items (hints or open selection lists) or discard open changes. To save changes you can simply press CTRL + S.



Show accounting information in export?

Determines whether billing information stored for an entry appears in the billing export. This global setting can be set individually within an entry.

Show description in export?

Determines whether the description stored for an entry appears in the billing export. This global setting can be set individually within an entry.

Close hints automatically (seconds).

Time period after which hints are automatically closed.


Sets the font for the user interface. Choices are Code, Sans Serif, Serif, or Comic.


Change the language of the user interface.


Adjust design of the user interface to your persional preference

TimeChunk (seconds)

A TimeChunk is the smallest unit in which you usually bill. Changing the value only affects new entries, for old entries the TimeChunk can be adjusted in the detail view.

Preset time span

The pre-selected time span for the filter view.


Support & FAQ

Is there a mobile version of TimeChunks

Not yet, but I wouldn’t rule it out for the future.

Is TimeChunks suitable for time tracking in teams?

TimeChunks is certainly a possible solution for smaller teams. However, it was mainly developed for individuals.

Does TimeChunks store data in the cloud?

No, all data stays where it belongs: on your device. Please make sure that you make regular backups.

Does TimeChunks collect usage or user data?

No, TimeChunks does not collect any such data.

How can i get in touch?

If you have questions about TimeChunks, found a bug or just want to tell me something about TimeChunks feel free to get in touch. There is also a community on discord.

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